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What Kinds Of Business Can Succeed On Wheels

Due to the increasingly mobile and hectic lifestyle we have, many businesses are becoming smaller and more mobile. A surprising variety of businesses that help in our day to day life are now mobile and therefore easily accessible to its customers.These are cornerstones in making any business a success. So here is a list of some businesses that have found success on wheels.

The Ever Famous Food Truck

We all saw Jon Favreu’s Chef that made us fall in love with food trucks, mojos and cubanos. The food truck is the definition of business on wheels. A food truck will have work tops, a stove and a freezer that churns out food as fast as you can pay for it. The earlier food trucks had easy- to- make sandwiches and submarines, but food trucks today even dish out lasagne and spaghetti. If we can ask it, they can make it.

Salons on Wheels

There are so many events going on that we don’t have time to go to a salon all the time to get our look on. That’s why mobile hair and makeup is available on salons that travel – specifically, it will be a couple of stylists in a vehicle who come to wherever you want them.

If it’s a fashion shot and you need mobile hair and makeup Melbourne to set up in a flower garden, they will be there. If it’s a wedding and your retinue is too large to fit into a small salon or you have multiple locations, a mobile crew will follow you and make you fabulous.

The Maintenance Truck

This is now a significant part of the garage’s business. Back in the day, a maintenance truck was dispatched by an auto garage to patch up the broken down vehicle just enough for it to make it to the next garage and then get a complete overhaul. Today, a maintenance truck stocks most of the tools and equipment necessary for most common breakdowns such as a busted valve. This way, they can provide efficient service, save money for the customer and increase the chance of customer retention.

Fashion Knock- Offs

New York’s Canal Street is famous worldwide for its knock- offs of famous fashion brands. Unfortunately, not all of us can go to Canal Street, which is why we buy knock- offs from the moving vendors who come around once in a while and make a killing. There are plenty of vans and other vehicles that sell to young people from the backs of the vehicles and this gives everyone a chance to pretend at fashion power brands for at least a little while.

The Jingly Ice Cream Van

No one has ever sold as much as the ice cream man. Whether it’s an ice cream cart, van or bicycle, the ice cream man is possibly the most underrated business on wheels on the street. On a hot day, ice cream men/ women often run out of product as they have mastered the technique of bringing the product to the doorstep of the customer: ice cream vans can inevitably found near schools at closing time and children’s parks to the delight of many a child.

Drawbacks Of Doing Laser Treatments For Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure which is deemed to be very successful. It can be used on the face, arms, chin or even the rest of the body area. It can be performed by any plastic surgeon out there. It basically reduces any unwanted hair you might have on your body permanently. At present, the procedure is very popular as many celebrities are known for trying it. People do not need to worry about summer parties or events at the beach where unwanted hair might be frowned upon. You will not have to worry about having any upper lip hair or prickly legs. This treatment has serious side effects too which can make it potentially deadly. Here are some drawbacks for you to focus on:

The laser uses a lot of heat on the area which means that it can burn the area. The doctor will have to focus on certain areas more than others too. This can make some places become warm and discolored. Sometimes the laser hair removal treatment can burn the skin of darker patients much more. The burns might be mild but they can get severe.

This process can cause severe pigmentation or hypo pigmentation. It can cause severe pigmentation which can result in dark spots or tan marks. The procedure can stimulate melanin which can result in a tan. The hypopigmentation can lighten the skin area and lead to a loss of a pigment.

It can lead to eye injuries so it is important for you to protect your eyes during the process of lasering. You might notice red bumps around the eye area if you do not use a cream or a gel before you wear to shield your eyes. The next time when you visit your practitioner ask questions on the laser hair removal session, get more info.

You must keep in mind that when you are doing a skin specialist Parramatta you might develop mild itching so it is crucial for you to protect your eye area as much as possible. The skin might turn red in color for a few days at time and then the color might go down. You might notice some numbness and tingling in the area which has gone over the laser. You must be careful when you are using this device if you notice too much of itching then you must stop using it immediately.

The procedure can lead to scabs as well as crusts which can develop on the area. A mild form of bruising might develop on the area. It can get worse on sensitive skin. These side effects can even appear within a few days of treatment. Remember to think about this when you do decide to sign up for any form of laser surgery at a hospital or clinic. Make an informed decision by doing some research on the subject matter first.

Look Beautiful From Head To Toe

The beauty of a woman depends not only on what she wears or how she behaves. You would be surprised to see what amazing transformation hair and nails can do to the overall beauty of a woman. Both hair and nails reveal the cleanliness and the attention to detail of a woman. So if you were not very keen on maintaining and caring for your nails and your hair, here are a few guidelines that you can follow to have alluring and delicate hair and nails.

Hair is a woman’s crown of beauty
First step is to know how to wash your hair properly. It is best if you could try not to wash it daily as it could remove the natural oils of your hair and make it look dry. Use a shampoo that suits your hair and massage your scalp for about 40 seconds before rinsing it off. Do not apply conditioner on your scalp. Start applying conditioner from the middle of your locks till the ends. Aloe-Vera gel and curd are natural conditioners which could improve the shine and the volume of your hair. Do not comb your hair while it is wet and try to avoid sleeping with wet hair. Avoid the frequent use of heat-styling tools as they can damage your hair.

Sleep and healthy food is very much important to have healthy and shining hair. Drink a lot of water and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Avoid brushing your hair too much as it could break your hair cuticles. Skip any styling treatments that contain alcohol and be cautious when choosing a hair color. Use good brands of hair product and avoid scrubbing too much chemicals. Natural treatments are always the best.

Gorgeous and dainty nails
You don’t necessarily need to visit a salon to get a manicure done to make your nails look lovely. It is simple and time saving to get it done by you. The use of a moisturizer is important to avoid your cuticles from drying. Use a lotion or coconut oil for this purpose. Try to avoid using harsh polish. There are many toxic chemicals included in cheap opi nail polish. Always try to select a good brand of nail cosmetics. Artificial nails helps you grow your own nails underneath without chipping or splitting them. Gel nails are the most common type of artificial nails available and you could hardly see the difference. Gel nail polish, water based polish and lacquer polish includes varieties of polish types as crème, jelly, shimmer, frost, chrome, opalescent etc. all that you can use to manicure your nails. Use a good remover which is less harsh on your nails. Diet is also very much important to have healthy nails. Proteins, fatty acids like omega 3s, vitamin B, zinc and calcium are the most required nutrients for healthier nail polish, know more at http://www.glazeme.com.au/.

Ideal Presents For A Mom-To-Be

They say that pregnancy is one of the most blissful times of a woman’s life. Those nine months you spend with the baby growing in you seems almost magical. But, if you ask a pregnant mother, you will hear a different story. They will tell you a story of swollen feet, endless trips to the bathroom, stretch marks, hormonal outbursts and many other joys that are associated with being pregnant. But at the end of the day, she usually ends up looking back on all this, and her precious baby and think that all of this was worth it. While she get to that point, it is important that you keep a pregnant mother as happy as possible, both for her wellbeing, as well as her baby’s. Giving gifts is one of the best ways to keep a pregnant mother happy. But a pregnant mother is also one of the hardest people to get a gift for. Many people usually end up buying gifts for her baby instead. Well, here are some tips to consider when you are buying gifts for a mummy to be.


Pregnant mothers gain weight quite rapidly and therefore clothes are a bad idea. But, cosmetics can be a great idea. Many pregnant women need to feel beautiful and there is nothing like cosmetics for a good pick-me-up. So go ahead and buy things such as eyeliner, eye shadow, a little blusher, lipstick or nail polish for her. When choosing things such as facial cosmetics make sure that you choose a good brand or natural brand such as emu oil skin care products.

Another invaluable type of cosmetic for a pregnant lady is stretch mark cream. Many women suffer from stretch marks during pregnancy. These can be lessened if stretch mark cream is applied early on. Try getting her emu oil products can also be used for stretch marks too.


Another thing where you cannot go wrong with pregnant women is handbags. While clothes and shoes can be outgrown, handbags will never be. So hit the shops and buy her that gorgeous handbag that she has always had her eye on. Go for a good brand so that she can use it for a long time and can even use it as a diaper bag after the baby arrives. Just make sure that it is big enough to carry both her things as well as her baby’s.


Things such as earrings, bracelets, bangles and hair accessories also make great gifts for mothers to be as they don’t really have a size. All you have to know is her taste when it comes to such things and you will easily be able to buy such things for her as a gift.

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